What happens when an actor playing a
fictional US President on television gets
drawn into real-world politics?

The Supreme Court is not the final
authority in matters of constitutional law.
The People are.

The 28th Amendment

"Intriguing, inventive, imaginative - The 28th Amendment is part thriller, part prophecy, and a totally entertaining read. An excellent debut by Neal Rechtman."
– Bob Malanowski,
Managing Editor, Playboy

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- September 2008

The US Supreme Court's recent ruling in Citizens United v. FEC makes it clear that traditional legislation can no longer serve as a tool for limiting the influence of private campaign donations on our elections. If this issue is going to be successfully addressed, it will have to be at a higher level -- at the level of the US Constitution.

The constitutional amendment proposed herein (click the right arrow) would limit the total amount of money than can be spent in a given Federal general election. This approach puts an end to the spiraling cost of campaigns, the need for sitting Congressmen and Senators to constantly raise money, and the outsized influence of major campaign contributors.

The amendment’s author, Neal Rechtman, has been thinking about and crafting its language since 2004, when he began writing his novel The 28th Amendment – a fictional account of an effort to reform campaign financing through a constitutional amendment (published in 2007; cf. left side of this page).

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